Are you an adult who has wondered whether your challenges may be rooted in undiagnosed ADHD? 

Whole Heart Mental Health and Wellness is offering ADHD assessment for adults (18+).

Many adults with ADHD aren’t aware they have it — they just know that everyday tasks can be a challenge.

We know that about 67% of children with ADHD continue to have significant impairment into adulthood.

Adults with ADHD may not recognize that what they experience is ADHD, as they have always experienced their symptoms. However, they may have lifelong experiences which made them feel incapable, lazy or unmotivated.  ADHD is a highly heritable condition.  Parents of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD often recognize similar symptoms in themselves and wonder if they have ADHD.

Red Flags for Adult ADHD (from:

  • a lifelong history of difficulty with attention
  • a history of disruptive or impulsive behaviour
  • organizational skill problems (time management difficulties, misses appointments, frequent late and unfinished projects, “time blindedness”)
  • erratic work history (changes jobs frequently, unprepared for meetings, projects not completed on time, reports of coworkers, employers and clients being frustrated with them)
  • Anger control problems (argumentative with authority figures, over controlling as a parent, fighting with coworkers or child’s teachers, episodes of rage)
  • marital problems (spouse complains that he/she does not listen, speaks without thinking, is impulsive, forgets important events)
  • being over-talkative, interrupts frequently or inappropriately, speaks too loudly
  • parenting problems ( difficulty establishing and maintaining household routines, inconsistency in dealing with the children)
  • money management problems (making impulsive purchases, running out of money, failing to pay bills or do taxes, history of bankruptcy)
  • substance use or abuse, especially alcohol or marijuana, or excessive caffeine use
  • addictions such as collecting, compulsive shopping, sexual avoidance or addiction, overeating, compulsive exercise or gambling
  • frequent accidents
  • problems with driving (speeding tickets, serious accidents, license revoked, or being overly cautious when driving to compensate for attention problems)
  • being a parent of a child with ADHD
  • a college student who is frustrated, having to reduce their course load, or having difficulty completing assignments
  • an ADHD diagnosis as a child and continuing to have problems
  • reports from those close to the adult that they are just like a child or relative with ADHD or identifying them as having many of the symptoms associated with adult ADHD
  • evidence that the adult is not just coping poorly, but is significantly impaired and is at high risk of developing secondary disorders such as anxiety and depression
  • the adult may be successful but shows impairment when compared to their potential
  • an adult who is expending more energy than others to do the same amount of work
  • an adult who is using coping strategies to compensate for their weaknesses, but still experiencing problems with their career and work relations or becoming a workaholic
  • an adult who self-diagnoses, but still needs to go through a complete assessment


Whole Heart Mental Health and Wellness is offering Adult ADHD assessments (for 18+)  in response to the increasing demand, as more and more people learn and understand about the condition, and limited resources available to diagnose and treat this condition.

This assessment includes:

1. Completion of self report rating scales

2. A comprehensive virtual diagnostic assessment with our Nurse Practitioner, Janet Gu, who is skilled in the diagnostic assessment and treatment of ADHD throughout the life space and who works closely with our psychiatrist, Dr. Wiesenthal

3. The assessment includes a review of symptoms of ADHD, as well as assess for other co-morbid conditions (ie depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions), review of family history, medical history, and personal history.

4. Review of past academic, occupational and relationships and/or discussion with family members (if applicable)

5. A report will be generate that can be forwarded to the family doctor with our treatment recommendations

This assessment does not require a referral from an MD or NP.

This assessment is not covered under OHIP and is 600 dollars. 

Pending availability, the Nurse practitioner may be able to prescribe and monitor medications for a fee ($100 per 30 minute visit).