Educational therapy/Executive Functioning support: As our Educational Consultant and Executive Function coach, Claire also offers Dynamic Assessment and Cognitive Educational Therapy services.
With extensive and diverse experience in the fields of education and psychology, Claire provides a unique and well-rounded approach to helping children and young adults strengthen their thinking and learning skills. 

COST: Educational therapy/executive functioning support starts at 140/hour and is offered either virtually or in person.

Study Skills Group Whole Heart’s Study Skills Group is designed to help students acquire the strategies and skills needed to feel ready for their in-person exams.

Participants learn:

    • Session 1: Getting Prepared: Organization of materials and understanding content
    • Session 2: Memory Strategies and making a plan for studying
    • Session 3: Preparing oneself for exam week and test-taking strategies

Who should join: Students in grades 10-12 who are either writing in-person exams for the first time or who would benefit from learning in-person exam preparation skills. Or if it’s been some time since last writing an in-person exam, it may help to brush up on the skills needed to feel prepared.

This course is offered through either three virtual or in-person group sessions.

Virtual Group Session Dates and Times:

These sessions will take place after school. Please email for further details

In-Person Group Session Dates and Times:

These sessions will occur after school. Please email for further details

Virtual: $75/Session
In-Person: $85/session
Maximum 6 participants for each session


Private one-on-one sessions are available for reinforcement of skills at a discounted rate of $115 for program participants.

This program is facilitated by Claire Merbaum, M.A. (School & Child-Clinical Psychology), Learning Specialist & Educational Consultant.