Is your child struggling in school? Perhaps they don’t seem challenged enough? 

A psychoeducational assessment is a standardized assessment of your child’s intellectual and academic abilities. Discovering the underlying issues is the first step to getting your child the help they need.

Has your child already had an assessment? 

An updated psychoeducational assessment can be very helpful prior to transitioning to high school or university.

Benefits of a psychoeducational assessment include a clear understanding of academic strengths and challenges relating to learning aptitudes, information processing, and academic skills. This means getting to know your child’s strengths, needs and of the ways in which they best learn. 

The Psychoeducational Assessment Process – What to Expect

  • Before the first session, we will send you a background questionnaire to complete
  • We will meet for a 1-hour intake interview with you and your child to better understand their developmental, academic, social & family history and the current concerns (academic and socioemotional)
  • We may interview you and/or your child further for symptoms of mental health concerns such as anxiety, sadness, and or hyperactivity/inattention.
  • We will also ask for end of term report cards
  • We will ask you, your child, and a teacher who knows your child well to complete some questionnaires that look at behaviour, social, and emotional functioning. Results are compared with your child’s same-age peers.
  • The testing typically occurs over two separate days (approximately 3 hours of testing each day). (It may be necessary for your child to be absent from school during this time and your child may need breaks to rest after each testing session.)
  • Cognitive and behavioural testing will examine how you or your child reasons and solves problems and test their memory and organizational skills.
  • Academic testing is conducted across reading, writing and math; your child’s results will be compared to other students of the same age.
  • If you are looking to rule in/out ADHD, we will include a computerized test of attention/concentration (this will be used together with all of the other information collected to determine if your child meets diagnostic criteria for ADHD)
  • The final report will be reviewed with you to explain the results and answer any further questions you may have.

What you will Gain

  • A clear understanding of you/your child’s academic strengths and challenges relating to learning aptitudes, information processing, and academic skills.
  • The diagnosis of a learning disability, ADHD or developmental disability if present.
  • An action plan for improving academic performance.
  • A list of recommended accommodations to seek from schools. (Common academic accommodations include more time to complete tests and exams; access to a laptop and specialized software, e.g. Word to Text; access to audiobooks for course texts or material; option of multiple-choice tests or exams; a quiet, supervised environment for tests or exams; more frequent breaks from class; breaking up work or assignments into smaller components).

Cost: TBC