Our team of psychiatrists and Nurse Practitioners are child and adolescent mental health experts who provide care for ages 6-22 under OHIP.

A referral is required from your child’s treating family doctor, pediatrician or nurse practitioner.  Once the referral is received, a WHW team member will reach out to book an appointment. 

A psychiatric assessment at Whole Heart usually takes 1-2 hours. The purpose is to diagnose, or clarify a diagnosis, and provide treatment recommendations. The psychiatrist cannot provide psychotherapy, or ongoing care.  After the assessment, a report will be sent to the referring doctor.  The psychiatrist may be able to offer a repeat consultation to review the outcome of the treatment plan in the future (pending availability).

At this time, we are booking 1-2 months from the time we receive the referral.  Please note, if your situation is urgent, please call 911, or go to your nearest emergency department.

We regret but we are not providing psychiatric service for eating Disorders, substance use disorders, bipolar disorder, or psychosis. These conditions require specialized care that are available through CAMH, SUNNYBROOK or CMHA. Please consult with your doctor/NP/Pediatrician for the most appropriate service for any of the above.


We have two options for follow up:

(OHIP):  Dr. Nathalie Gans is a family doctor with a special interest in pediatric mental health. Under the guidance of our psychiatrists, she is offering short term follow up to our whole heart clients. She can initiate and monitor medications that have been recommended by our psychiatric team.  

Non OHIP: Whole Heart is also able to offer medication follow up from our Nurse Practitioners, for a fee.  Our Nurse practitioners have expertise and are working closely with the psychiatrist.   


Are you looking for therapy? You do not need to see the psychiatrist first to access our therapy services. Please email: intake@wholeheartmentalhealth.com to book an intake call with a mental health specialist to determine the most appropriate service or book a consult call directly online by clicking here .  Of note, while therapy is not covered under OHIP, it may be covered under your insurance plans.



ADULT ADHD ASSESSMENT: Our Nurse Practitioner, Janet Gu, has expertise in the assessment and treatment of ADHD in adults and in the pediatric population. She is offering assessment of ADHD in adults for a fee. Check out more details here

ADULT PSYCHIATRIC ASSESSMENT: Our Nurse Practitioner, Brock Cooper, is offering assessments for general psychiatric conditions in adults for a fee.  Check out more details here