There are many reasons why a teen might be challenged to take important steps. Whole Heart recognizes that anxiety and other conditions such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can create hurdles that require extra support.

The pandemic has exacerbated the symptoms for many teens already struggling with anxiety and/or OCD. For those who can benefit, an Activation Worker provides the coaching, support and help needed for social reintegration, achieving important milestones around independence and establishing coping skills.

An Activation Worker can be brought in to support clients who require additional supports to engage in therapy or need assistance to leave their home, go to school or take part in other daily life activities.

Activation Work may include:

  • Leaving the house (post-pandemic or otherwise), exploring community resources, walking around the community, working towards goals of getting back into previous activities 
  • Assistance with taking public transit and navigating around the community
  • Support around finding places for student volunteer hours, support in making calls and plans for the Activation Worker to attend with youth and attending with youth until they can go independently
  • Going to public spaces and achieving goals around talking to cashiers, servers, ordering meals, eating in public.
  • Help getting back to school, into the community, walking around school

Cost: 100/hour