Answers to some of your most common questions

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What is your vision?

Whole Heart Mental Health & Wellness is a mental health clinic that treats the whole person’s mind, body and spirit. We service clients from ages 6-26 along with their families.

We endeavour to blend wellness practice with traditional evidence based psychotherapeutic techniques to help kids, teens and their families live better lives.

What services do you provide?

Individual therapy

Supportive psychotherapy

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy): CBT is a practical, short-term form of psychotherapy. In CBT, clients learn to identify, question and change the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs related to their emotional and behavioural experiences. CBT is effective for anxiety disorders, and depression among other conditions. It is typically time limited, over 12- 16 sessions.

Trauma Therapy, EMDR: This is a form of therapy with the focus of past trauma.

DBT- informed therapy:  Dialectical means “the presence of opposites.” In DBT, people are taught  that their experiences and behaviours are valid, and that they still have make changes to manage emotions. This therapy includes teaching of skills.  The ultimate goal is to help clients build a life worth living.

Couples therapy

Family Therapy


DBT groups for teens (16-20) and children (12-16)

Individuals in this program will attend a weekly DBT Skills training group that is facilitated by a skills therapist in a group format similar to a class. The following skills are taught:

    • Mindfulness: the practice of being in the present and acknowledging thoughts, feelings and behaviours as they happen, without trying to control them
    • Distress tolerance: the process of learning how to cope during a crisis, especially when it is impossible to change, and accepting a situation as it is, rather than how it should be
    • Interpersonal effectiveness: the ability to ask for what a person needs and to say no when necessary, while still maintaining self-respect and relationships with others
    • Emotion regulation: the ability to manage emotions so that they do not control thoughts and behaviours.

Emotion Focused Workshops for parents: 2 hours of interactive teaching, live examples with Gillian Reid.  This course is for parents to learn how to help your child through BIG feelings and come back to regulation.

Social skills groups for teens (NEW)

please email to inquire about any of the above services.

Do I need a doctor's referral?

You only need a physician’s referral to access consultation with our Psychiatrist (MD) or Nurse Practitioner (NP). All other services are self referral. Ask your doctor to download or fill out the referral form found on our website. 

What happens after I contact Whole Heart?

For psychiatrist appointments: We will reach out to you once we receive a referral from your doctor. You may also send us an email once the referral has been made.

For therapy, please email to set up a 15-minute consultation call so that we can understand your concerns and connect you with the appropriate therapist. 

What happens at my first appointment?

PSYCHIATRIC ASSESSMENT: A psychiatric assessment typically lasts 1.5 hours. This is a diagnostic assessment, following which feedback will be provided to you, and a report will be sent back to the referring physician with recommendations. The referring doctor must be willing to prescribe, monitor and adjust medications (if recommended) as we cannot provide follow up at this time. You will get a link from OTN (e-visit) prior to the appointment.

THERAPY: At the first session with your therapist, a comprehensive assessment will occur, the therapist will get to know you or your child’s needs, and strengths, and formulate a plan for treatment. Therapy is typically weekly at first, and then can change in frequency over time. You will get instructions about how to log on for virtual appointments.

How do I pay for services?

Consultation with our Psychiatrist is covered under OHIP. A valid health card is required to be presented at the time of each appointment with the doctor.

Therapy is not covered under OHIP. Fees will be discussed at the intake phone call.

Your insurance plan may cover our fees. Please check with your provider.

Payment is expected at each session. We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard or American express). Alternatively, you may pay be e-transfer to

A receipt will be emailed to you once payment is received.

We are pleased to offer service to eligible clients through the Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Mental Health Counselling Services and the Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program (IRS RHSP) through Health Canada.

What is your cancellation policy?

We request 48 hours (2 days) advance notice in advance of cancellation. You will be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel less than 48 hours or do not show up for your appointments.  Sessions will be considered a no show after 15 minutes from the session start time (unless we hear otherwise)

Your spot has been reserved for you, and unfortunately, we cannot have exceptions to this policy. The full session is charged for late attendance, and the session will not be extended beyond the time allotted.

Payment must be made at the time of the session.  A Receipt will be produced at the time of payment.  Please note, we require payment for the session, prior to rebooking subsequent sessions.


Is this all kept confidential?

We are committed to keeping all service confidential, and require written consent to communicate or release information to anyone outside whole heart wellness. The exception to this rule, as required by law, is when there is a risk to self, others, or rarely, if there is a subpoena of our records.